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Our family has been building exceptional and award-winning homes across Melbourne for decades. And our Providence Homes team knows what it means to make a significant investment in building a home that’s authentically yours.

We’re experts in helping people create beautifully luxurious homes, tailored to their unique needs and tastes.

We offer a complete design-and-build solution, project managed by the Providence Homes team. Our approach ensures a seamless service experience for our clients and a streamlined building process. We’re there for our clients every step of the way, from the initial briefing to the handing over of the keys.

Our Philosophy

Providence Homes has partnered with Dan Webster Architecture (DWA) to provide clients with inspiring home architecture and construction cost certainty. We work in partnership with DWA from the very beginning. Your architect and builder will work closely with you from the outset, ensuring your vision, your design and your budget are always aligned.

We are passionately design driven – we know that considered, appropriate and inspiring architecture is at the core of every great home. And we are equally passionate about ensuring our clients find their home building journey is enjoyable, and even inspiring.

“Turning your long-held vision into reality should be an enjoyable experience – it should be a genuine pleasure. We work with partners we can rely on to deliver the levels of quality and care our clients expect and deserve. 

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